Sunday, December 05, 2004

Oh Happy Day!!

The Buccaneers took one more step out of the divisional cellar, stomping the Atlanta Falcons 27-0. What's more, despite their pathetic 5-7 record, they may still have a shot at a playoff berth. Each conference, the AFC and NFC, send six teams to the playoffs. The problem in the NFC is, at week 13 into the season, there aren't six teams yet with a winning record. Of sixteen teams in the NFC, 5 are over the .500 mark. You have Philly at 10-1, Green Bay at 7-4 who as we speak is being thumped by Philly 35-0; then you have Minnesota who now stands at 7-5 after losing to Chicago today. In the NFC West you have Seattle leading their division at 6-5, and finally; Atlanta (who just got thumped by the Bucs) at 9-3. Sad really, but hey, everyone wants their team in the playoffs. So even if they stumble in at 9-7 or even 8-8, go Bucs!!