Friday, August 13, 2004

Kerry Says "I Wouldn't Respond"

One of Kerry's main themes in his campaign has been his record in Vietnam and how he "fought to defend his country". Yet, as Lt. Governer to Michael Dukaka (ok, ok, Dukakis), Kerry proudly admitted that in the event of a nuclear attack on this country, he would do nothing.

Kerry: I Wouldn't Respond to Nuclear Attack

John Kerry told Democrats gathered in Boston two weeks ago that he defended his country as a young soldier in Vietnam and he would defend it again as president.

But as Michael Dukakis' Lieutenant Governor, Kerry authored an executive order that said the state of Massachussetts would refuse to take part in any civil defense efforts in response to a nuclear attack on America.

The presidential candidate was an ardent proponent of the nuclear freeze at the time, and viewed Cold War civil defense preparations as an attempt to delude the American people into thinking a nuclear exchange was survivable.
Lt. Gov. Kerry's executive order on behalf of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts read in part:

"Whereas the existing and potential strength of nuclear weapons is such that nuclear war can neither be won nor survived, it can only be prevented; and Whereas the only effective defense against the horrors of nuclear weapons lies in their elimination and in the prevention of nuclear war or attacks, [the Commonwealth of Massachusetts] shall seek to ensure the safety of its citizens by pursuit of policies reflecting a serious commitment to prevention of nuclear war."

"Such policies," the Kerry directive continued, "shall include education of citizens concerning the real nature of nuclear war and efforts to influence national policy towards negotiation of an end to the nuclear-arms race."

The Kerry order stated emphatically, however: "No funds shall be expended by the Commonwealth for crisis relocation planning for nuclear war."

Monica Conyngham, Lt. Gov. Kerry's spokeswoman at the time, defended the controversial document, telling reporters, ''We believe that [evacuation] plans are absolutely futile and that there are no safehavens from nuclear war.''

Gov. Dukakis signed Kerry's "no nuclear defense" executive order into law on June 28, 1984.

And people actually want this treasonous douche bag as our Commander in Chief??? What a tool.