Thursday, August 12, 2004

She's Done it Again

Yup, once again the most beautiful woman in the media is ripping the left a new one. More specifically, Presidential candidate John Kerry. From World Net Daily:

Democrats haven't been this upset about an American engaging in free speech since Juanita Broaddrick opened her yap.

Two hundred fifty-four Swift Boat Veterans have signed a letter saying John Kerry is not fit to be commander in chief, a point developed in some detail in the blockbuster new book by John O'Neill, aptly titled "Unfit for Command." At the 2003 reunion of Swift Boat Veterans, about 300 men showed up: 85 percent of them think Kerry is unfit to be president. (On the bright side, Kerry was voted, in absentia, "Most Likely to Run for President on His Phony War Record.") Fewer than 10 percent of all Swift Boat Veterans contacted refused to sign the letter.

The rest of the article only gets better. I suggest you read it for yourself.

Hat tip to Lord Spatula.