Sunday, May 02, 2004

Random rants

So these guys piss and moan about getting Bush in front of the 9-11 panel; then when they get him there, two of the lead panelists walk out during the meeting. They say they had prior engagements, but if you're hounding the President of the United States for a meeting, and you get one, you rearrange your freakin' schedule. Time is reporting that Bill and George had contradictory statements. So who do you think is lying? Some critics are whining cuz Bush didn't face the panel in public, or alone, or under oath. Hmm, so they're complaining that he was questioned under the exact same circumstances as Bill Clinton....Ok, whatever.

The marines are pulling out of Fallujah and handing regular patrols over to the Iraqi security forces. Is this such a good idea right now? Why haven't we turned Fallujah into a parking lot? Anyone friendly to the U.S. was given ample time to leave before we went in, we have to assume anyone there now is unfriendly. Why didn't we decimate that city?

The left is screaming bloody murder over the "torture" of Iraqi detainees in prison. The fact is they weren't tortured. Yes, they were mistreated, but as far as anyone can tell there was no actual physical harm. The fact is they badly mistreated by a group of bullies who don't deserve to wear the uniform of the United States Miliatary.

Can anyone tell me what this idiot Norman Miretta is smoking, cuz I want some. It's got to be some good stuff.

This story is just disturbing. Not that it was voted down, but that Bush and Sharone actually persued this plan. I can only hope it's part of a larger military strategy.

It seems the U.N. is now in the censorship business. But c'mon, after the "food for oil" debacle, can it really get any worse? Apparently they think so.