Thursday, February 12, 2004

Why We Went to War.

There has been a whole lot of huppla lately about the U.S. not finding WMD's in Iraq. The dems are saying that "just as they said all along", there were no WMD's in Iraq, thus no justification for war. That may even hold an ounce of truth, or would if WMD's were what the war was really about. What people need to realize is that this was really had nothing to do with WMD's. Yes, I know. The whole WMD thing was way too played out. I'll be the first to say that the Bush administration played on the WMD thing to heavily. But to think we went to war against Iraq just because they had WMD's is ridiculous. Iraq is only a small part of this war. If you thought the war was about WMD's then you weren't paying attention. If you thought this war was about removing Saddam and liberating the Iraqi people, then you're a bit of an idealist. If you thought it was about revenge, or finishing a legacy, then you hate republicans just a little too much. If you thought it was about the OOOOIIIIILLLLL!!!!!! then you're just dumb. Yes, I said dumb. This war is about terrorism. OH, but Saddam's not a terrorist, he's the leader of a sovereign nation. Yeah, tell the Iraqi people that. Or better yet, tell that to the families of the victims of the suicide bombers that he's helped to support. Yes, that is a legitimate fact. Another fact that the dems seem to have forgotten is that prior to the war, Bush declared that any nation that harbors or supports terrorism is going to be punished. Hence the invasion of Iraq. But it actually goes even deeper than that if you want to know the truth. Iraq is only a small piece of the puzzle. You might ask, well Overlord, if it's about terrorism why didn't we go into Iran first? or Saudi Arabia, or North Korea even? And if you'd shut up a second I'd tell you. Have you ever looked at a map of the middle east? Ever notice what countries border Iraq? Oh yeah, now you get it. Ever hear the expression "foot in the door"? That's what Iraq is for the U.S.. It's our "foot in the door" to the middle east. This was our way in, and from here we now have to ability to go and do whatever it takes to make our country safe. There are some who believe that we are no safer with this war. Since it comes from the same people that would like to see us hand over control of our armed forces and just about everything else over to the UN, I'll just dismiss it as idiotorian shmuck speak.