Tuesday, February 03, 2004

About the Overlord

I was sitting here, reading over my sometimes incoherent ramblings and I thought: Hey, I bet people wanna know what makes the Overlord tick, who he really is. Ok, nobody really wants to know that. But when you're the commander of a gigantic army of mutant geckos like I am, you can make people pretend to like you.

My real name is Ivan Rohde. Born in Milwaukee, I've lived here in Tampa FL most of my life. I've got the whole wife, dog and 2 1/2 kids thing going. I did have 3 once, but I so wanted to be part of the "mainstream" that I cut my youngest one in half. He didn't seem to mind too much. Myself and my family are pretty average in just about all ways. That's the way I like to run my blog. A common sense platform from a truly average American. I'm by no means an expert in anything. In fact, I'm actually a college dropout. So what does this guy know? you might ask. Well, only slightly more than the average American probably. And that's only because I take the time to educate myself. I started this blog because quite honestly, I needed somewhere to spew the frustration I was feeling watching this country that I love slip further and further into socialism. So I joined the RWA (Right Wing Alliance), and I am as we speak aiding the VRWC (Vast Right Wing Conspiracy). Now compared to the heavy hitters out there my blog is pretty insignificant in the big picture. But so were all of them at one point. Even IMAO began right here on blogspot. Besides, the thoughts of a rational, free thinking human being should never be considered insignificant. So what business do I have sitting here and telling everyone what to think? Well, there is the gigantic army of mutant gecko warriors at my disposal. Actually, I don't tell anyone what to think. I tell you what I think. Take it or leave it. Like and you can tell me. Don't like it and you can tell me. I love it when people disagree with me. It sparks debate, which sparks learning. Debating forces me to educate myself in order to prove my points. Especially when I debate with someone as smart or smarter (what I prefer) than myself. Contrary to my education level, I'm actually pretty smart. Did the whole ap classes and even had a scholarship to Duke ready for me if I hadn't been such a lazy bastard at the time. A good friend of mine (and one of the few people I hold in a very high intellectual regard, she knows who she is) said that my views are becoming more harsh, and she's right. My views have changed a bit. Actually,they haven't exactly changed so much as just become more harsh with less patience for the idiocy of the far left. Not so long ago, I was the true optimist with full hope that those on the left would see that the policies of socialism and government control just don't work. Well, I have in recent times begun to realize that the left will never change their views. I haven't figured out why that is yet. I can only say that it seems once a mind reaches a certain point, it becomes almost impossible to bring it back from the dark side. I have my own views. Most who know me consider me a conservative, though I probably lean a little more towards a free capitalist libertarian (meaning I believe the government has no business regulating our lives or business for that matter). I have certain ethical views, such as my pro-life stance. The death penalty is an issue I'm torn on still. There are good arguments either way, though the really valid arguments are usually ignored by the "mainstream" (I'm still trying to figure out exactly who gets to decide what mainstream is, apparently it's the libs as they are always crying about someone not being in the mainstream). So read if you want to. If you like it, tell your friends. If they don't' want to read then threaten to beat them up with a baseball bat. If you don't like it, feel free to never come back. Although you will, because I'm sitting here as we speak with my little mind control device (donated by the Right Wing Alliance of course) slowly brainwashing you. And if by chance you're wearing your little tin foil hats, know this. I still have the GAMGW (Gigantic Army of Mutant Gecko Warriors) at my beck-and-call. And I am not afraid to use them. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!