Monday, February 02, 2004

Super Bowl boobies

So if you haven't heard, then for God's sake buy a friggin' TV. During last nights half-time show of the Super Bowl Justin Timberlake ripped off a piece of Janet Jackson's outfit exposing some boobage. They, as well as CBS/MTV/Viacom apologized saying it was not intentional. Uh huh. Yeah, and uhm, I've got this bridge for sale in California...really cheap. This was a pitiful publicity stunt for her new album, nothing more. CBS has gotten countless complaints, and rightfully so. This is after-all, a family show. The FCC is going to investigate and blah, blah, blah. Who cares? Honestly I was more offended by the assault on my intelligence by the terrible lip synch job these idiots did. Ok, Kid Rock didn't lip synch, but he did mistreat the American Flag. That kind of p'ed me off. Should CBS be penalized for allowing an obviously staged event like this go through? Absolutely. Should it be by the FCC? Absolutely not. I would like to see CBS be punished by the ultimate disciplinarian. The consumers. Let America punish CBS through the free market. Morality is not something to be governed by legislature. It is an individuals' own code of ethics. If people were really upset with what happened, as I was (my kids were watching with me), then let them show by, here's a crazy idea, not giving CBS our business. It's as simple as that, we don't like it, we go somewhere else. God I love capitalism. Sadly, this probably won't happen as people are so used to being told what is and isn't morally acceptable that they will piss and moan but not really do anything accept wait for the FCC to slap a pitiful fine on CBS. My kudos to the NFL though, who has all but said that MTV/Viacom (and we may as well say CBS since they are all sister companies) will never do another Super Bowl (at least not in the near future). That's the way the market should be regulated. I don't like the way you do business, so I won't do business with you. End of story.

Oh, and by the way, is case you were wondering the Pats won on a last second field goal 32-29.