Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What a Freak

This individual is beyond sick. This is...this is...we it's just sick for God's sake. What this person freak is talking about is normalizing pedophilia. As in, hey I'm like 35 but I think it's still cool to have sex with 12 year olds man... Right.....

People like this moron should euthanized and put out of the rest of the world's misery. Pedophilia is a sexual orientation??? Gimme a freakin' break. This creepy bastard should be hung by his testicals and beaten until the mere thought of a child makes him sob in terror. What..what..what can you even say to something like this? Read this bit from this freaks webpage:

Realize that pedophiles LOVE children. They do NOT advocate the use of force or coercion (beyond encouragement) on kids to have sex with them! Sex is not harmful for children or adults, provided it is done honestly, lovingly, and with good intentions and consent. It is not something kids should be "protected" from, like a fast moving car. It is the guilt trip of society that causes harm to perfectly good relationships. This must be changed-not the behavior of pedophiles or the children they love and care for. Pedophiles believe in "empowerment" of young people. By this, they mean that children OWN themselves, NOT adults. A pedophile realizes that a child may say "no" to sex, and that same child can say "yes" to it! In no way does a TRUE pedophile advocate FORCING his/her sexual needs on a child! Pedophiles love and respect children-and their wishes. The media has made pedophiles out to be perverts imposing their will on children. The truth is, to a pedophile, the very IDEA of this is reprehensible. Unlike other adults who do not really respect children, who do not truly feel they own their bodies, pedophiles believe children have a say in their lives, and a voice. They accept that children are sexual beings. They know that even infant boys have erections and baby girls lubricate. Pedophiles understand that society has no right to deny a child sexual activity in a manner he or she CHOOSES. And they CAN make that choice! It is not about us, or our "forcing sexual activity on children by taking advantage of their innocence"-it is about THEM! A child may decide to engage in sex with another kid as a part of general experimentation. If the child and his/her partner chooses this freely and non-coercively, there is no problem with it in the eyes of a pedophile. If that same child desires sex with an adult, if it is non-abusive then that is fine as well, provided ALL parties consent. Children can have loving relationships with adults if they want of various kinds. This is what pedophiles believe. Sometimes it includes sex, in other cases it does not. The adult who has sex with a child is not "betraying his/her trust", he/she is usually (provided it is a non-abusive, non-coercive legitimate relationship) AUGMENTING the bond between them, in much the same way that sex cements other, more common relationships in the standard orientations. What pedophiles believe is that children (and adults!) should not be made to feel GUILT over HONEST and POSITIVE sexual activity. They ought to be allowed to express themselves this way, as it is a very powerful, personal part of them that deserves-demands expression! A child can show love to someone he/she cares about without sexual activity. A common example is ordinary parent-child relationships. But a child can also show love to another (possibly another child or an adult that a child loves and cares for) with sex. A child can also do so out of curiosity or pleasure in some cases as well. In either scenario, if he/she chooses to do so, pedophiles believe in protecting that right of free expression and of self-determination. Pedophiles LISTEN to children, when many other adults do not. They think that kids should NEVER be abused in any way. It is not an unreasonable statement to say that pedophiles are the biggest "child-advocates" in the universe-since they are the only group in existence that truly believes in protecting them and their rights!

Do I even need to go on about how delusional this guy is? About how he is beyond sick on so many levels?

Good Lord, what a tool. God have mercy on this man, for I most certainly wouldn't if he ever came near any of my kids....