Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Movie reviews

Just throwing out my opinions of the movies I've seen recently. Without further ado:

First off, we'll look at NBC's recent mini-series, "10.5". I want to start off by saying what a truly awful, terrible, horrible movie this was. I am not exaggerating, this movie sucked to no end. Honestly, I didn't expect much, I only really watched it for the special effects. Even those sucked. Really, with today's technology, you would think they could crash some matchbox off a fake Golden Gate Bridge withou making it look like they were dropping some matchbox cars off a fake Golden Gate Bridge. The plot was atrocious, not to mention completely implausible. NBC admitted they did almost no research for this movie. It showed. At one point you get to watch (are forced to sit through?) a train rumbling down the tracks being chased by some sort of rupture caused by an earthquake. Oh yeah, the "crack" just happened to follow the exact course of the train's tracks...WTF ever. If this movie should ever be replayed, or put out of video/DVD, do not watch this movie. Movies this bad should be illegal.

Next we'll look at an almost equally bad movie, Godsend. What's really bad about this is that it could have been a good movie. The acting was good, and in the beginning the movie was actually quite creepy. It was all down hill form there. WARNING: Spoiler coming. I am about to give away the whole plot of this movie, if you don't want to know then don't read. It starts out with a young couple celebrating their sons 8th birthday. They are heartbroken when the day after their son is killed when he is hit by a car. To make matters worse, because of complications during childbirth, the mother is unable to have more kids. Enter Rober De Niro. He is a doctor specializing in fertility. He has also been doing some "private" work in the area of stem cell research. He offers to give the couple their son back, the same son. They basically had him all over again. Of course this is illegal, so they have to relocate 300 miles away. Somehow, the good doc and the family are able to keep this all a secret from this huge hospital that he works at. The creepfest begins after Adam's 8th birthday, the day he originally "died". He begins having nightmares and wanders off into these trances and what-not. Actually this was the best part of the movie. The young boy did an excellent job with his part and the movie used actual creepness rather than special effects to chill the viewers. Then the mystery begins to unravel and the movie just goes to absolute crap. It turns out that the good doc had also lost a son. And as bad luck would have it his son had died just months before he had perfected his cloning research. Being as desperate as he was to have his son back, and he couldn't actually clone his son; he did the next best thing and while cloning little Adam for the giddy parents to be, dropped in a few of his son's chromosomes. Of course he ignores the fact that his son was a homicidal lunatic who burned a bunch of school children alive in a building and then murdered his mother; then set the house on fire sat with his toys while the house burned around him. Hey, who wouldn't want a kid like that back? So it turns out that poor young Adam is having an identity chrisis while this other kid tries to take over his mind. Another aggravating part of this movie is that there is no resolution. The movie ends, and the doc is left unpunished, the kid is still going crazy, and nobody has a clue as to what to do. So for those who thought this movie was a shot against stem cell research, it's not. It doesn't really deal with the morality of that at all, except for a few scenes where the father is doubtful. It's really about a nutjob doc and his lunatic kid, just like like I thought.

On to the next movie, "Kill Bill Vol 2". I have about the same feelings about this one as I had for the first one...eehh. No big deal. Of course it was cheesy as hell, but it was supposed to be. I understand that, my only problem was that it seemed like ole' Quinton couldn't decide if he wanted a parody or a real action flick. My opinion is that for what he was going for, he did a good job. This type of thing really isn't my cup of tea though. I mean, people losing limbs and gushing blood for 30 mins like a fire hydrant just doesn't do it for me. But if you like that kind of thing this movie is for you. Personally I give it a pretty neutral review. My biggest criticism is the script and acting, they both pretty much sucked.

Ah, finally; the good part of my review. "The Punisher". I really enjoyed this movie. The action was great, the script and plot were well done; and of course as always, John Travolta did an excellent job. He makes such a great villain, doesn't he? There were some pretty cheesy parts in the movie, but it is based on a comic book after all. Lots and lots of violence. And of course it was filmed in my home town of Tampa Florida;-) I especially love the pair of 1911's Frank Castle carried around, specially modified by his father. I thought they did a particularly good job of showing Castle's decent from the fine upstanding cop to the cold blooded killer he would become. My only real critcism is that they could have done without the "neighbors", but they had their part. Also, I think it could have been a bit longer; mostly for the purpose of Frank's drop into darkness. All in all though, all criticisms aside, I enjoyed the movie. You have to take the movie for what it was, a simple comic book adaptation. No extravegant plot, or special effects, just great action, and some pretty good acting too.