Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Killin' them poor defensless Iraqis'

Yup, yup. You know the coalition forces have nothing better to do than take pot shots at unarmed Iraqi civilians. This from the BBC (and everyone knows that they're not biased at all):

UK troops 'shot harmless Iraqis'

An eye-witness said Hanan Saleh Matrud's death was not an accident
UK troops have killed Iraqi civilians including an eight-year-old girl when they were under no apparent threat, Amnesty International has claimed.

Of course the eyewitness is never named...

The human rights organisation claims in a report that in "many" cases the deaths of civilians by the British military had not been investigated.

Inquiries have been "secretive" and conducted by Military Police, it adds.

Gee, the military police investigating crimes alleged to be committed by the military... who woulda thunk that. And you mean to say they weren't sharing their investigation with the world?? Oh the travesty

The claims are the latest in string of allegations about the treatment of Iraqis by US and British forces.

Separately on Tuesday the High Court ruled that relatives of 12 Iraqis allegedly killed by UK troops will get a full court hearing into the decision not to hold independent inquiries.

Of course they conveniently don't tell you whether or not the families of these alleged victims were firing at coalition forces first.

The families want to have the deaths declared a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights, but the UK government says the convention does not apply in Iraq.

Yeah, we are kind of at war and stuff...

On Monday, Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon told MPs action was pending against British soldiers in two cases of alleged abuse.

Wait a minute, I thought they weren't being investigated?? I'm not going to bother fisking the rest of this article, as it only gets more asinine and I think I'm going to hurl.