Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Kerry gets nod from democratic party

By now you've probably heard that John Kerry has gotten the nod from the democratic party for the upcoming election. By all accounts this is some of the best news yet regarding this year's election. That's right, I said the best news. I've made no secret of the issues I have with Bush's administration. The pork spending, the illegal-immigrant amnesty (and let's be honest here, that's exactly what it is). But the one area Bush shines in is by far the most important. It's in fact the only real job the federal government is supposed to have. Foreign policy. Everything else is really a non-issue as it's all crap the federal government really has no business being in anyway. This country is at war even as this post is being typed. And this country needs a war-time president. If I have to choose between Bush and Kerry for that president, there is no question where that vote will go. "Why is that?" you ask. Well let's take a quick look at Kerry's voting history. We could get into details but I have no doubt the Bush administration will spend lots of time and money revealing the intricacies for us. Over his long and (cough) distinguished (cough,cough) career, John Kerry has voted more than 300 times to increase taxes. Yup, that's right. Over three-hundred times. That alone is enough to make me not vote for him. But let's take a look at what else the good senator has voted for. He's voted dozens of times to decrease spending on the military and various projects meant to make the military stronger. Remember what I said about protecting our country and foreign policy being the federal governments' only job? Don't think that's true? Read the constitution for yourself. The most egregious of these said votes was just after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 when John Kerry voted to cut intelligence spending by over one billion dollars. Yup, he voted for that just AFTER the terrorist attacks. Throw on the fact that he wants to hand over control of our military to the U.N. and that makes for one scary presidential candidate.

Now you know that in my book, Bush hasn't done to well on some domestic issues. The tax cuts were nice, but where's the cuts in spending to go along with them? What about massive increases in funding to a failing public education system? And the ridiculous proposal to give an ass-load of money to that artsy-fartsy non-sense? But in the areas that really matter, in what is probably the most important situation our great country has to deal with right now, Bush is with out a doubt the man for the job. To be honest, the only criticisms I have with Bush in regards to foreign policy/military is that I don't think we hit hard enough or fast enough. But hey, I can overlook that;-) Besides, I'm just a war-mongering right wing nut, so what the hell do I know?