Friday, February 20, 2004

On John kerry' Medals

It would seem an individual who knew John Kerry in Vietnam has a few questions about Kerry's medals. You keep hearing the left argue about George Bush being AWOL, and all they have as evidence are a few people, who didn't even know who Dubbya was at the time, say they can't remember seeing him on a base they served on thirty-something years ago. They then throw support behind a candidate who claimed for years to have thrown his Vietnam medals over the White House fence, when in fact they were someone else's and his own were safely hung on his living room wall. Not to mention he's voted against just about every defense bill you can imagine, and votes for cuts in the military constantly.

Disclaimer: The story in the link above is the testimony of a single individual. I am still attempting to check to veracity of the story. From what I have gathered so far, it seems pretty accurate though.