Thursday, February 26, 2004

The courts and the FCC are wiping their collective asses with the first amendment

You know, I'm all for responsibility in broadcasting. I don't like titties being exposed on national prime time television. And I don't like my kids listening to stories about Alvin the chipmunk screwing Scooby Doo up the bumm. But since when does the federal government get to decide what's "decent" and what isn't? That honor should only belong to people and the free market. I don't like what you say, so I won't patronize your radio/tv station. Enough people do that, and the advertisers begin to pull out, so the station changes it's format. It really is as simple as that. Now with the exposure of one little (and not very attractive) boob, an entire firestorm has erupted over the airwaves. Janet is losing jobs (which btw is the only enforcement I agree with, see above), Howard has been pulled from all Clearchannel stations, and a local (Tampa) shock joc known as Bubba the Love Sponge has been fired. I don't necessarily disagree with Clearchannel for firing Bubba. It was after all, a business decision (he cost them nearly a million dollars in FCC fines). But were it not for the FCC, no action would likely have been taken against Bubba in the first place. If people don't want to listen to stories about cartoon characters getting corn-holed, you do what I do, change the friggin' station. If you don't want your kids to listen to it, don't let them. Proponents argue that we can't police our kids 24/7. Well duh! But the FCC can? Sorry, but I don't need a government agency to raise my kids for me. It's my job to instill the proper values in my kid so they realize when they are listening to something I wouldn't approve of, they stop. Just like any other moral lesson I would teach my kids. It's as simple as that. People, do we really need big brother telling us what's decent and indecent? Have we denigrated to the point where we need the government to start making our day to day decisions for us? I like to believe the answer is no.

BTW-If you want to let Clear Channel know how you feel about this you can click here.

If you want to let the FCC know what you think about them (please do) you can click here.