Wednesday, November 02, 2005

How they really feel

Finally, the truth comes out. No, I'm not talking about Plamegate, Scootergate, or WTF ever gate the left is having wet dreams about these days. Straight from the Capitol of Moonbat Nation:

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Original message
I hate America.

I hate the America that gets into their Hummers to drive three flat, dry, cemented blocks to their million $$$ mega-church to pray for the troops.

I hate Brit Hume this morning and his "hose you down" statement.

I hate the mom who shakes her head in patronizing sorrow that my daughter doesn't come to church on Sat night, Wed. evening, and Sun. morning.

I hate our leading mayoral candidate who has put "Take back our city from those without faith" and his "solid belief in christ" as his #1 and #2 campaign slogans.

There are some very ugly americans and sometimes I can't help hating them.

I wish I had grown beyond hate by this time in my life.
I'm still working on it. I guess I could change the words to "dislike greatly", but that doesn't convey my feelings this morning.

I need to take a walk and appreciate some fresh air, fall leaves, and kids laughing.

Is it ok to question their patriotism yet?