Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Florida Woman to be Starved to Death

In a society that claims to be as advanced and as enlightened as we do, I find it completely unfathomable that the state of Floriduh is going to allow this. Terry Shiavo has been in what is known as a persistant vegetative state for 15 years. Critics will say that that's reason enough to end her life. Terri's family will say she doesn't meet the definition of persistant vegitative state (PVS). Even if she does, I say she it doesn't mean anything. The term PVS has a history of change. It used to be known as a permanent vegetative state. They had to change the name because so many people were coming out of this "permanent" state. Let's say for the sake of argument that she is in an unrecoverable state. Does anyone have the right to end her life? I find it ironic that the same people calling for her husband to be allowed to kill her (that's what it is) are the same nibble heads that scream for an end to the death penalty. Hell, death row inmates receive a more humane death than she's likely to get. Even animals get a more humane death when they are put down. Where's the ACLU on this one? If it were an animal being put down by starvation PETA would be all over it like stink on you-know-what. Yet here we are about to allow a human being to be starved to death. Do you hear that? Starved to death. Her husband's attorneys say it's a completely natural and peaceful way to die. Have you ever been hungry? I challenge them to go for a week without food and see how it feels. What gives us the right to say that this woman doesn't deserve life? That decision belongs to her family. And no her husband no longer qualifies. He has moved on with his life. He is engaged to be married (yes he's still legally married to Terri), and already has children with his new woman. Why doesn't he just walk away? Let her family take care of her and try to give her rehabilitatvive care? She's going to be STARVED TO DEATH people!!! I welcome any argument with me on this, but before you go calling me names or whatever take my challenge. Go for one day without food or water, no nurishment whatsoever, and then tell me what we're about to do to this woman is humane.

Source link: Fox News

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