Wednesday, September 22, 2004

How sick can we get

I just read a story of an elderly woman who was raped by an 11-year old boy while his friends who were 11, 12, and 13 watched. How sick can you get? They had been breaking into her house and stealing from her all week before they decided to rape her. They all confessed like it was no big deal. I think they should have their dicks ripped off, not cut, but ripped off so it can't be reattached. Then I think we should fry it up like fried chicken and feed it to them for their dinner. But to me, that is still too easy of a punishment. It is cruel to harm anyone, but it is even worse when they can't defend themselves. You see, I would tie them up in public and with no pain killers, rip their dicks off and have a weeny roast. But it still wouldn't take away the pain that the lady had to go through. Anyway, that is my opinion and for those of you who agree with me, you are awesome people. Those of you who don't, you can eat shit and join them. Thank you very much.